At Summit Land Co we follow a simple process to purchase land. We understand how complex it can seem to purchase land on the internet, but rest assured we have experience working with title companies, and county treasurers. In a matter of weeks you will have in your hand the deed to your new property!


Check, Credit Card, or Title Company Purchase:

  1. Click the “Add to Cart” button and pay the $499 escrow good faith deposit using your credit card or contact us to send a check.
  2. We will contact you through email or phone within 24 hours and to discuss final closing. If you elect to close through a third party title/escrow company then you will be responsible for paying the associated costs. These fees can range from $900-$2000 depending on the situation. We will coordinate with the title/escrow company and they will schedule a closing time with you.
  3. If you elect to close the transaction with us we will coordinate payment using one the following methods. Cashier’s check, personal check, or credit card.
  4. After payment clears we will prepare and submit for recording a new deed to the county.